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Article 1. (General Provisions)

1. The "Executive Secretariat of VOXELCANVAS" (hereinafter referred to as "the Secretariat") that operates the Web service named “VOXELCANVAS” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) respects the privacy of users of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) and exerts extreme caution in managing of Users’ personal information and information which relates to Users’ privacy other than personal information (hereinafter “both personal information and information which relates to privacy” are referred to as “Privacy Information”).

In addition, hereinafter this “VOXELCANVAS” is referred to as “This Policy”.

2. The Secretariat both abides by “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” of Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”) and other regulations relevant to the Law, and handles personal information collected from Users. The Secretariat also has been continuously improving the handling of Users' personal information, by strengthening the system for handling personal information, by introducing SSL technology, and by taking other reasonable methods.

Article 2. (Agreement to This Policy, Withdrawal of Agreement)

1. When Users provide their Privacy Information to the Secretariat for reason such as inquiring to the Secretariat, etc., they shall both read carefully and agree with all provisions of This Policy.

2. Users are able to withdraw their agreement to using Privacy Information by the Secretariat at any time.

3. The agreement and the withdrawal of Users’ agreement of This Article shall be by method that the Secretariat specifies.

4. Cookies, IP address, access logs are used in the Service to collect information about Users' history and preferences. When Users use the Service, the Secretariat deems that they have agreed about the use of cookies by the Secretariat.

Article 3. (Privacy Information Collected by the Secretariat)

1. The Secretariat collects and acquires the following information from Users:

(1) Information that they provide to the Secretariat by inputting inquiry form, etc.: including name, information relevant to the inquiry, age or the date of birth, etc.;

(2) Information that the Secretariat collects from Users by using IP-address, access log, traffic analysis tools, etc.: including information relevant to connection environment such as devices, OS, browsers, etc., information relevant to their action history or browsing history, etc., these information does not include information that falls under "personal information" capable of identifying User individual.

2. The Secretariat collects Users’ Privacy Information by just and legitimate methods, and not by illegal methods that is contrary to Users’ will.

Article 4. (Purpose of Use of Privacy Information)

1. The Secretariat uses Privacy Information collected from Users for the purpose of operation of the Service. Main purpose of use is as follows:

(1) To confirm identity of Users, or for authentication service;

(2) To respond to users and third parties who have requested complaints and information disclosure;

(3) To prepare collective and statistical data and other collective or speculative non-personal information (The Secretariat and its business partners may use the information collected for this purpose to improve or provide their services.);

(4) To implement questionnaires, prize competitions, campaigns;

(5) To research, aggregate, and analyze data for marketing;

(6) To respond to problems, or to maintain the systems;

(7) To provide advertisement, and to check the result of the advertisement;

(8) To provide technical support, or to respond to an inquiry, etc. from Users;

(9) To prevent illegal acts or acts that may be illegal;

(10) To give notices regarding the Service and each service operated by the Secretariat;

(11) To respond to conflict or lawsuit.

Article 5. (Provision of Privacy Information to Third Party)

1. In the case where the Secretariat discloses or provides Users’ personal information, the Secretariat both discloses the counterparty and contents of information of disclosure to Users and obtains Users’ prior consent. In addition, except the following cases, the Secretariat does not provide or disclose the Privacy Information to any third party without the Users’ approval or permission:

(1) In the case where the Secretariat responds users or third parties who have requested complaints or information disclosure, etc.;

(2) In the case where disclosure, etc. is requested based on the provisions of laws and regulations;

(3) In the case where disclosure, etc. is requested by lawyers, prosecutors, police, etc. to the extent necessary for the investigation;

(4) In the case where the information is shared among affiliates of the Secretariat;

(5) In the case where the Secretariat outsources a part of businesses or tasks to third party to the extent necessary to provide the Service;

2. In the case where the Secretariat outsources treatment of Users’ personal information to third party, the Secretariat makes necessary and appropriate supervision to the outsourcing contractor based upon the Law.

3. When Company provides the Service and advertisements, distributes apps, etc. through a platform of services operated by third parties (hereinafter referred to as “External Service”), the Secretariat may share the users' personal information with the operators of the External Services. In this case, regarding the handling of personal information, etc. in the External Services, the personal information protection policy, etc. of the operators shall be applied.

4. In the case where the Secretariat transfers either its business through merger, division, etc. or all or part of the Service to a third party, the Secretariat may transfer Users’ personal information, etc. relevant to the Service to the third party. In this case, the Secretariat both discloses information about counterparty and date of the transferring to the Users, and does not provide personal information of users who does not agree with the transferring.

Article 6. (Managing, Retention Period of Privacy Information)

1. The Secretariat manages Privacy Information provided or disclosed from Users closely during they use the Service.

2. In the case where the Secretariat no longer needs to use Privacy Information that the Secretariat stores, the Secretariat makes an effort to delete the Privacy Information with no delay. Also, the same shall apply to the case where Users require the Secretariat to delete their Privacy Information.

Article 7. (Correspondence to Inquiry, etc. from Users)

1. Users are able to request the Secretariat to inquiry, to disclose, to adjust, to add, to delete, or to suspend the use of the Privacy Information relevant to them that the Secretariat possesses.

2. The requests of previous section shall be by method that the Secretariat states. Also, the requests shall be only by Users themselves, their legal representative (if Users are minors), and agents who authorized by them about the requests.

3. In the case where the Secretariat receives the requests of section 7-1, the Secretariat confirms the Users’ identity and responds to the request within a reasonable period.

However, if the Secretariat decides not to disclose their Privacy Information based upon the Law, the Secretariat notifies them accordingly.

4. Even if the Secretariat receives requests for the deletion of Privacy Information from Users, if the Secretariat determines that it is necessary for the prevention of crimes and fraud, the Secretariat may retain part of their Privacy Information, and Users shall agree to this beforehand.

In addition, if Users who requested the deletion of Privacy Information have not paid the usage fee of the Service, or if any disputes with them exist, the deletion of Privacy Information shall be made after resolution of the problems.

Article 8. (Usage of Analytical Tool, etc.)

1. The Secretariat collects Users’ Privacy Information by using analytical tool such as Google Analytics, etc. In addition, part of advertisements displayed on Website related to the Service use behavioral targeting advertising system that third party provides and that uses cookies.

When the Secretariat provides the Service by using any of services that Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Google”) provides such as Analytics, AdSense, etc., Google Privacy Policy shall be applied to the services that Google provides.

About Google Privacy Policy, see below.

2. Users may refuse collection of their Privacy Information by the Secretariat or to hide or remove the behavioral targeting advertising either 1) by disabling cookies in their browser, or 2) by opting out via the webpage which is associated with the analytical tool or the behavioral targeting advertising.

3. Users shall take self-responsibility for the change of setting, etc. of previous section, and the Secretariat assumes no liability and responsibility for all damages arising from their changes of the setting, etc.: such as occurrence of disappearance of all or part of information about the Service.

Article 9. (Amendment of This Policy)

1. The Secretariat is able to amend This Policy in the judgement of the Secretariat. In the case where the Secretariat amends This Policy, except the case of urgency, the Secretariat preliminarily notifies accordingly to Users by method that the Secretariat judges suitable.

2. Amendment of This Policy should become effective immediately when the Secretariat uploads the updated This Policy on the Website related to the Service.

3. If amendment of This Policy is unacceptable, Users may request to delete their Privacy Information against the Secretariat by method stated in Article 7.

Article 10. (Jurisdiction/Governing Law)

1. This Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws and regulations of Japan.

2. In the case where dispute among Users and the Secretariat arises in association with This Policy, Users shall acknowledge and agree that Tokyo district court shall have competent and exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.

3. Translations of the Japanese version of This Policy shall be provided for Users’ convenience only. If difference or contradiction between the translation versions and the Japanese version exists, the Japanese version of This Policy shall prevail.

Article 11. (Chief Administrator)

1. The Secretariat appoints the following person to be Chief Administrator of Personal Information, and tries to manage Personal Information appropriately and to improve enforcement of policies related to protection of Personal Information continuously. In addition, the following person should be the contact both for inquiry or advisement about Personal Information and for the requests of Article 7 at the Secretariat.

Operator of the Service: Executive Secretariat of VOXELCANVAS

Desk for Inquiry: Personal Information Desk

E-Mail Address:

Method of the claim for disclosure, etc.: Only by email

(Claim by Inquiries etc. other than Japanese may take time until replying.)

Establishment Date: September 8th, 2020